It has been so many years and distance between Hindu Muslim communities is not eradicated yet thoroughly. On the other hand, a Sikh Man has been risking his life to supply food to disaster struck areas to help to refugee Yazidi families.

He is Ravi Singh, born in India and brought up in Britain, a socially responsible being running a Khalsa Aid. This 47 year old man is being covered by BBC world news documentary and has given the word of appreciation by calling him ‘The Selfless Sikh’. His whole journey to Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil to Duhok has been filmed to inspire millions around the globe. The selfless Sikh moved by the hurtful condition of Yazidis families broadcasted on television and he stepped out to help them. Also, his contribution towards organisation, that helping to rebuild life of people who escaped ISIS, is exceptionally unbelievable. He visits them every month and distributes a bag of basic supplies like rice, tea, sugar, tomatoes, oil, washing powder etc.

                                   “I THINK WHAT PEOPLE NEED IS HOPE.
                               THEY HAVE HOPE SOMEBODY IS COMING.”

As ISIS leaders wear turbans and have beards so, Ravi Singh at times perceived as a target. Despite facing such obstacles, his intentions to give a help to victims hasn’t reduced a percent.

Consistently, he has been serving humanity in the war-prone areas. Holding a strong faith in Sikhism, he has honestly followed the footsteps laid down by SIKH GURUS. Anyone would be stunned after reading his perception quoted hereunder: “YES, THERE’S DANGER. IS IT WORTH THE SACRIFICE? IT’S WORTH IT FOR ME BECAUSE IT’S A CALLING FROM WITHIN.” All I can do, is to pray for all of us to give us wisdom and courage to follow the teachings of our ancestors like this ‘SELFLESS SIKH’.