All of us love panipuris,or golgappas,or fuchkas. It is one thing that binds the whole nation together. But at least for once our hearts skip a beat if the person serving those savory panipuris is a mere 11 yr child. 

All of us know how it is to fetch a glass of water, or keep things at proper place. It’s always our parents who did the needful because we were busy gulping down parathas and run to play after we returned from school.

This child ( name is work I guess) has no such luck. He has a sick father at home who is suffering from serious liver functioning problem. He also has a younger sister to tend to.

Surprisingly enough unlike many other children struck by poverty and situation, he goes to school. He works after school by selling Panipuris.

His says he earns around 300 to 400 per day and maintains the expenditures of the whole family. When offered a hundred rupee note, he refuses it. He is a shy boy, not very outspoken or charming, but his silence says it all. His asset is his honesty, perseverance an devotion.

We can call it child labour, but it’s self-inflicted and no one is to blame,except poverty.My heart cries out for such an endearing soul who might be young in age but far far greater in deeds….

Watch the video till the end.